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Calne Veterinary Centre has been offering a caring yet professional service in pet healthcare for more than seventeen years now.
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Companion Animal

Calne Veterinary Centre has been caring for and treating companion animals for many years now. We employ a compassionate, empathic approach, which is combined with the skill and experience of our staff to comprise a service of the highest standard.

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Dedicated Equine Vets

In addition to treating cats, dogs, rabbits, tortoises and other small animals, we specialise in equine animals. Our vets are able to diagnose illnesses, diseases and other health complaints quickly and accurately. Our treatment plans invariably yield satisfactory results.

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Emergency care

You may require our assistance in an emergency. Please call us on 01249 811 944, whereupon an answerphone will provide you with a mobile number. As the signal can be poor, do ring a few times if needs be. A vet will be with you as quickly as possible.

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Pet healthcare plans

Save money, and keep your pet free from unnecessary distress by taking us up on our healthcare plans. We provide essential preventative care to ensure that your pet’s health remains in a peak condition at all times.

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K laser

We now provide K Laser treatments – the drug free, surgery free solution for companion animals and equine. Please contact us for more information.