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Giving your dog the best quality of life that you can

At Calne Veterinary Practice we are dedicated to preserving the wellbeing of dogs. We provide you here with some simple guidance to ensure your dog remains in exceptional health at all times.

Topics include:

Flea/Tick Treatment • Worming • Vaccination • Socialisation • Neutering

Common problems in dogs

Canine Atopic Dermatitis • Heart Disease in Dogs

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Flea/Tick Treatment

Should be either given monthly or three monthly depending on the product used, age and weight of puppy – ask at reception for further details.


Should start at 2 weeks, then be given every 2 weeks until 12 weeks, then monthly until 6 months and thereafter 3 monthly.

A 3-day treatment for puppies that have not previously been wormed is available.


A number of dangerous diseases including Parvovirus, Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis and Leptospirosis can affect dogs, vaccination is the only safe way to provide immunity against these. Regular annual boosters are important to maintain protection.

The primary course of vaccinations can be started from 6 weeks of age with a second vaccination given 4 weeks later.

We recommend that you also vaccinate your dog against Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease – often called Kennel Cough. This highly infectious disease is easily transmitted when dogs come into close contact with each other. It is characterised by a harsh, dry hacking couth, retching, snorting or gagging and can cause lack of appetite, lethargy, fever and pneumonia. This vaccine can be given at the same time as the annual booster vaccinations, please ask us for more details.


It is really important for your puppy to socialise with other dogs from an early age, please ask us about our puppy socialisation courses that are run at the surgery.


Dog Castration: Can be carried out from 12 months, but may be done earlier if necessary. 6 & 12 month Implants are available for chemical castration.

Bitch Spay: Can be carried out before 1st season if bitch mature enough (some breeds are advised to wait, please ask for details) otherwise 3 months after 1st season.

“Thank you for the care and support you gave to our family and Max over the past 14 years. We will miss our monthly visits.”

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